20 litres non alcoholic sangria

This should feed 100 people on a normal day. Hot days you need more to drink.
2 litres fresh squeezed orange juice, or a really fresh tasting brand
7 litres cranberry juice
7 litres dry ginger ale
7 litres agrum blood orange
1.5 litres tea mix -  cinnamon and bitters, frozen in 3 blocks
Diced citrus – orange, lemon and lime

To make tea mix: soak 10 teabags and 4 teaspoons cinnamon in boiling water until cool.
Add 30 shakes of bitters.
I like to freeze this mix so it can cool the whole sangria as you make it. Freeze it in flat blocks.

For 35 people

500mls tea
1/3 fruit mix
750 mls OJ
1 ½ bottles cranberry juice
2 -3 bottles ginger ale
2 -3 bottles argum