Tomato Sauce with Anchovies and Thyme

(Anchovies are high in ‘umami’, the Japanese savory taste. They don’t leave a fish taste, but deepen the flavour of the sauce.)

Chop 1 onion
Boil on high with
½ t salt
1T olive oil
1t brown sugar
Boiling water to cover
When water has evaporated turn heat to medium/low and cook until slightly coloured, stirring often.
(This is a quick, low fat way of frying onions. Alternatively cook on low for 30 mins without water.)

2 cloves garlic, crushed
2 anchovies, whole (they disintegrate in the sauce)
Small pinch thyme
1 cup passata, or tin of crushed tomatoes
Simmer uncovered until thick

Everyday Bircher Muesli

This is a creamy tasting bircher muesli, is easy to make up, and keeps in the fridge as long as the milk and yogurt are within their use by date. The apple doesn't go brown, but I often omit it because it's extra effort. I could eat it all day, and often do! Better than ice cream for dessert.

Mix together with a wire whisk
500g Greek yogurt
250mls milk
100g caster sugar

Stir in
2 cups instant rolled oats
3 tablespoons sultanas
2 grated green apples (optional)

Leave 6 hours to allow the oats to absorb the liquid.

Topik, as a dip

This is based on an Armenian dish, Topik. It is supposed to be like a kofte with the chickpea mixture as a pastry case, and the onions as a filling, but I found that too fiddly. And this way you can get more ‘filling’!

2 tins chickpeas, rinsed well
2 potatoes, peeled and cooked
Puree in a food processor with salt and pepper until very smooth. You may need to add a little water or olive oil if it’s too dry.
Spread into a shallow serving dish

4 onions – slice thinly and fry until brown.
1⁄4 c tahini
2 tablespoons currants
2 tablespoons pine nuts
1 t Cinnamon
2 teaspoons pomegranate molasses
Adjust the seasonings to taste. Eg you may prefer more tahini, currants or cinnamon.
Sprinkle with chopped parsley.
Spread on top of the chickpea mixture and serve with crusty bread.