Sicilian Style Stuffed Capsicums (Red Peppers)

6 yellow or red capsicums
150g fresh white breadcrumbs
1t honey
3 anchovies
2 cl garlic
1/4t cinnamon
2 tablespoons marsala
50g pitted black olives, rinsed and chopped
10g parsley
10g mint
50ml olive oil, plus extra for drizzling
Preheat oven to 150.
Soak 75g raisins in boiling water for 5-10 minutes, then drain.
Chop all ingredients finely and mix together
Taste before seasoning – even though the stuffing is still raw, you need to get an idea of how much salt to add (if any).
Halve 6 red peppers, spoon the stuffing into them and place in an ovenproof dish.
Drizzle a little more olive oil over the top and bake in the oven for ½ -3/4 hr.
Place under griller and grill until brown on top.
Serve hot or at room temperature.

Alternative use for seasonings - make into meat balls
Mix with seasoning with 200g pork or chicken mince.
Fry as meat balls.
Add 100mls marsala and/or cream to pan and heat.
Serve over pasta.