8 Ways to Help Kids Eat Their Vegies

1. Serve the meal in two parts. Vegies first when they’re hungry, meat and starch later because they’re easier to eat. Or place a salad on the table to nibble on as they're waiting for the 'real' part of the meal to arrive.

2. Kids prefer their vegies finely chopped cause it’s easier to eat.

3. Sugar helps EVERYTHING taste better. You don’t have to use too much, just a teaspoon or two.

4. Don’t put too much work into making the meat nice. They tend to eat that anyway. Put the work into making vegies delicious.

5. Serve less food in the afternoon so they’re hungrier for dinner.

6. Make your job easier by having your knife is sharp and your chopping board big. Otherwise they're a pain to peel and chop. Have a container nearby to put the scraps into. That way you wont end up surrounded by vegie droppings. This again makes your job easier.

7. Serve vegies in smaller quantities so children are not overwhelmed by the mounds on their plates.

8. When cooking vegetables try to concentrate their flavours and drive off the excess vegie water. Do this by roasting or frying.

9. Increase the amount of vegetables in their diet gradually. Start off so they hardly notice the difference, and build up their tolerance slowly.